BPA Free

BPA, also known as bisphenol A, is an industrial chemical often found in polycarbonate plastics, used to store food and beverages, and epoxy resins, which often coat the insides of metals like food cans. Currently, there is much concern regarding the safety of BPA and its potential negative health effects. Losano is proud to declare all of our products are BPA free.


We strive to use only the best quality recycled or natural fabrics with the lowest possible environmental impact while creating our garments. We put great care into selecting fabrics that are actually good for you and the planet, and don’t just sound like it. Our garments are made from 97% sustainable materials, and we are continuously looking for ways to get up to 100%!

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Sustainability is at the core of our DNA. The fashion industry alone is currently responsible for over 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, and at our current trajectory, this could jump to over 26% by 2050. Additionally, with the rise of low-quality fast fashion, a garbage truck worth of clothing is either thrown away or burned every second. (GENeva, 2021) By investing in creating high quality, long-lasting garments with minimal impact on the environment, we hope to inspire the rest of the fashion world to follow suit.


Manufacturing in Los Angeles means that we get to invest in our local communities to create jobs, all while ensuring the highest quality garments and cutting our carbon footprint.


We are proud that all our packaging is made right here in the US, from 100% recycled and recyclable materials. We have also partnered with Happy Returns, which utilizes aggregate shipping to help cut the environmental cost associated with returns.


When our recycled fabric is made, water bottles and other PET containers are collected, cleaned, and cut up into itty bitty pieces. Those pieces are then melted down into resin that is heated and stretched to become fibers, which make up the yarn used to knit the fabrics we know and love!