At Losano, we seek to create beautiful, high-quality products made from sustainable fabrics that are both good for you and for our planet. We are woman founded, we are creators, we are a team, and we are family.

Manufacturing in LA is just the beginning. We’ve thought through every aspect of our process to be more mindful. It’s a conscious design for people and the planet!


Our unparalleled eye for detail brings quality to the forefront of everything we do. Between late nights at our partner factories and countless hours of fit and wear-testing, we have meticulously examined every last aspect of our garments to ensure every garment meets our incredibly high standards. Our clothing is designed to outlast time & trend, promising to become coveted members of your “forever wardrobe” - those favorite pieces you simply cannot live without.


We want to create the most wearable clothing in
your wardrobe. This means focusing on versatility
so that our clothes can support every facet of you, all the way from barre class to the boardroom. We also prioritize the seamless integration of the softest loungewear and best fitting performance fabrics into classic, stylish designs that can stand up against any trend. By concentrating on these principles, we promise our garments will be pieces you reach for over and over again.


By partnering with local factories, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint, while also maintaining a close, mutually beneficial relationship with our community. Our proximity to our facilities allows us to frequently check in to solve any problems and ensure that quality meets our highest standards. We are able to safeguard fair working conditions for our garment manufacturers while simultaneously creating jobs locally.


By choosing to work with sustainable materials and manufacturing all our garments locally in Los Angeles, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint, while also ensuring superior quality control, as we are able to maintain close relationships with our partner factories. This means that the clothes you invest in will become wardrobe staples and last you for years to come.

With a collective 60+ years in the fashion industry our team has seen first hand exactly how much waste is created by the fashion industry, and we are on a mission to do it better. Investing in Losano is a step in the right direction and the more that follow our lead, the better it will be for our planet.


We believe that creating incredibly clothing also gives us the opportunity to tell a story. From the inception of a design, we are faced with a plethora of choices: from choosing where we produce, to the fabrics & even constructions picked to give you the best quality garments with the lowest impact on the planet. It also means that we have the opportunity to disclose where we, and the fashion industry as a whole, fail. Sustainability is a journey, and we can’t wait to bring you along.