Recycled Nylon

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Nylon is a synthetic material known for its strength, lightweight feel, and water-resistance. When compared to other fibers, nylon has excellent natural moisture-wicking properties. In the fashion industry, nylon is commonly used in products like hosiery, swimwear, sportswear, and windbreakers.

Unlike recycled polyester, recycled Nylon cannot be made from recycled water bottles - and we actually think this is a good thing! That is because consumers aren't the only group that produces waste. In fact, a lot of waste is produced before products even make their way to consumers. That's where our recycled nylon comes in - it is manufactured from 100% pre-consumer, post-industrial waste (Link).

Model wears sustainable square neck light brown nylon rib sports bra
Model wears sustainable light brown nylon rib leggings
Model wears sustainable square neck black nylon rib sports bra