Recycled Polyester

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Polyester is a petroleum-based synthetic fabric. Polyester is common amongst the fashion industry, especially when it comes to athletic clothing for its lightweight, water-resistant, and odor-resistant properties. Most polyester is considered a "virgin plastic" as new petroleum is needed to create these fibers.

At Losano, we only use recycled polyester, which comes from post-consumer waste, like water bottles and other plastic containers. These discarded water bottles are collected and sterilized, and then cut into tiny little pieces. These pieces are sorted by color and melted down into resin pellets, that are then stretched into yarn (Link).

Using recycled polyester is not just better for our oceans, as it diverts plastic waste, but it provides a positive environmental impact as well. Producing one pound of repreve can (Link):

  • Save enough energy to run a compact fluorescent light bulb for nearly 22 days.
  • Save enough water to provide more than the daily requirements of drinking water for one person.
  • Save the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emitted while driving a hybrid car almost 3 miles.

model wears cutest black and cream colorblock sports bra with adjustable straps
model wears sculpting black pocket leggings
model wears cutest green and blue  colorblock sports bra with adjustable straps
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